As we progress in our careers, we get so consumed in bettering ourselves, making transitions and re-branding that we sometimes forget the pathway we took to get to where we are today.

Sharing my knowledge with future professionals gives me so much satisfaction.

Today marks Guatemalan Journalist’s Day, established in 1972 to honor the “vital role” journalists serve in the country.

But the Guatemalan government is failing to guarantee necessary conditions for media freedom.

The 2010 Kenyan Constitution protects every child from violence and abuse, neglect..and hazardous or exploitative labour. There’s much more we can do to #EndChildLabour find out what you can do here

#Puntland Police raided the building hosting female journalist Xabiibo Ladan in #Qardho, Karkar Region- per her Facebook Post, she said that Police had come to arrest her.

This comes as another Journalist, Fantastic is being detained at Qardo for 6 days without any prosecution.

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