@CJPCCatholicsKE @vicbwire @Thagreatleo @ruthymkenya @Jay_Baraka "The obligation to give information is not limited to public entities; Individuals & private institutions can within the ATI legal framework be required to share information so long as that information is required for the protection of fundamental rights of others"~ @DinahOndari

@CJPCCatholicsKE @vicbwire @Thagreatleo @ruthymkenya @Jay_Baraka "This promotes the constitutional provisions on freedom of expression, freedom of the media and then right to know as provided for under article 33, 34 and 35 of the Supreme law in the country" ~ @DinahOndari

@CJPCCatholicsKE @vicbwire @Thagreatleo @ruthymkenya @Jay_Baraka "When journalists request for information they do so in public interest ;to protect the rights of other citizens.Equally, the public has a right to know and therefore the right to get information from the government and other private entities" ~ @DinahOndari

The @MediaCouncilK in partnership with @ICTAuthorityKE will host a two-day training for Journalists on reporting Technology. The event will be held virtually.
@DigiTalentKe @AjiraDigital @DavidOmwoyo Dr @KatherineGetao @MoICTKenya

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