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@vicbwire @KUJ_Kenya @AMWIK @KenyaEditors @SADES_K @DavidOmwoyo "It is the responsibility of the individual journalist to ensure
that he or she is familiar with electoral legislation and
regulations, and new voting procedures. Always carry your recorder, take pictures, and get videos"~ @vicbwire

@vicbwire @KUJ_Kenya @AMWIK @KenyaEditors @SADES_K @DavidOmwoyo "For proper, effective and professional election coverage, we must ensure we are equipped with appropriate tools and skills, which include relevant training"~ @vicbwire

@vicbwire @KUJ_Kenya @AMWIK @KenyaEditors @SADES_K @DavidOmwoyo "This information will also help to ensure that the voters know and understand their right to exercise their democratic duty free from fear, intimidation or coercion" ~ @vicbwire

@vicbwire @KUJ_Kenya @AMWIK @KenyaEditors @DavidOmwoyo @korirhk @Thagreatleo @StellaKaaria "Media should ensure that the referendum question is clearly relayed to the public and voters made aware of the options that they will have"~ @vicbwire
@David_Indeje @Teddy31359918 @Maureenmudi

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