Gender Equity and Safety for Journalists
Written by K.U.J

More Needs to be Done in Creating Gender Equity and Safety for Journalists in Kenya

Fifteen journalists from Nairobi County attended a two days workshop on “Gender Equity and Safety for Female Journalists and Photographers” March 21- 22, 2019 at the Kenya Insititute of Mass Communication (KIMC) on the best practices to improve equality at the workplace.

The participants had served the profession between one and five years. They shared their experiences in the newsrooms and some of the issues they faced include discrimination and sexual harassment. 

From the insights shared, it was evident that a majority of journalists were ignorant about their rights and they take safety for granted.

In the training, five male participants were included and they proved to be resourceful as they also disclosed that they faced sexual harassment and discrimination in the newsrooms, but were too shy to talk about it.

The two days’ workshop was part of the Norwegian Union of Journalists funded project under the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)  Gender Equality and Safety of Journalists initiative. 

The training aims to build the capacity of journalists to know their rights and safety issues in the newsroom and the field, tips on combating sexual harassment and dealing with discrimination at the workplace.

The workshop was a series of other similar

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